Do you miss having a watch that beeps every hour? I did, so I made Hourly for my phone. That's not all the app does though, it offers a selection of sounds and messages, you can choose your own times, and there's a standalone watchOS app if you want the complete, native, watch experience.


I wanted a Solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike) game that I could play easily, without adverts, but with nice mechanics, like being able to double tap on a card to move it to the best location.
It works beautifully on iPhones and iPads, wherever you want to relax and play!


With fully featured Widgets, plus Shortcuts and Siri support, you can very quickly capture enough to help you remember what you needed to do later when you're taking the time to track your tasks properly in a full task management app.
Tap the widget, or ask Siri "Add new Traige" and you're done!