Do you miss having a wristwatch that beeps every hour?
Hourly is the app for you!
  • Choose the hours, half-hours or even precise minutes, that you want to be notified about.
  • Choose from several sounds for each time (or set one default for all)
  • Choose a message to be displayed for each time (or set one default for all)
  • Quickly enable/disable notifications via the in-app On switch, or via a long-press on the app's icon, or via Shortcuts/Siri
  • Dedicated Apple Watch app that operates completely independently of the iOS app

Do I have to install the watchOS app?

By default your iPhone will send notifications to your watch. You can configure this behaviour in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Can I install the watchOS app without the iOS app?


Do the iOS and watchOS versions sync data?

I think for most people, having the app installed only on their iPhone is the right decision, but for people who want a more complex arrangement, having two separate configurations is more likely to be what they want.